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    Marcus Nohlberg is a leading researcher in social engineering and social information security with many years of experience as a consultant and in project management, concept development and web development. Marcus is interested in management issues and obtained Sweden's first Master of Business Administration degree in electronic business. With a deep commitment to security, He chose to focus his PhD on the human element on security.

    Marcus' doctoral thesis in Social Engineering was the first comprehensive academic study of the field and has received a lot of attention. Marcus has successfully followed his dissertation with continued research in Information Security in both private and public sectors as well as a passion for entrepreneurship with a commitment in the start-up companies.

    Marcus is a highly regarded and frequently used speaker nationally and internationally who explains complex concepts to a wide audience in an engaging and easy manner.

    Language: Lectures in both Swedish and English. Based in: Skövde, Sweden, and can travel anywhere!

    Social Information Security

    1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours

    You might think you have nothing to protect and that no one would want to come after you in particular, but the reality is that you're continuously exposed to attacks from international organized crime attempting to exploit your human weaknesses in order to attack you. This lecture explains how you're exposed and threatened - both privately and at work - by attacks that primarily exploits human weaknesses, such as social engineering and phishing. The lecture will also cover attacks that take place in social media and new threats that may emerge in the near future.

    Productivity & Information Overload - Concrete methods on how to act and feel better in our information society​

    2 hours

    The lecture will discuss how IT developments like Internet and social media affects us as humans, how the increasing security requirements place additional demands on us and the confusion between our private life and our work life. But above all, it'll cover the strategies and techniques available to become less stressed, more efficient and actually feel better.


    The lecture will give you a better sense of how Internet and social media has evolved, as well as concrete strategies to work more efficiently and feel better in todays modern society.

    Social media

    1 -2 hours

    A lecture about how social media works, what's the most important to think about and how you can use social media to get happier employees, more customers and a better buiness image.

    • What's my business/organization's approach to social media?
    • Social media can be a competitive advantage if used correctly, but what are the risks?
    • Do we need a written policy in the workplace and if so, what should they look like?

    Seminars & Panel Participation

    Varying time

    Panels and workshops are a lot of fun to participate in! Marcus has participated in several seminars of varying lengths in both Swedish and English. The discussed areas include information security, security culture, privacy, education and a whole lot more!

    Marcus doesn't always agree with everyone else, so be prepared to be unprepared for what's said! :-)

  • References

    Listed below are a selection of references for previous lectures.

    Productivity & Information Overload - Concrete methods on how to act and feel better in our information society (Break the illness)

    Lecture: 2 hours

    "A thought-provoking lecture about time as a constant factor in a world full of choices. Examples of topics covered in the lecture:

    • Becoming more efficient in order to feel better
    • Making informed choices
    • Defining what success is to you

    With a mix of humor and seriousness, Marcus Nohlberg conveys which specific tools and strategies I can use both in my professional and personal life in order to achieve this. I felt an urge to find out whether or not what he claimed would do wonders really was true, much due to his personal and engaging way of sharing his own experiences."

    Elisabet Eliasson, Board Member at Regionföreningen Skaraborg, Akademikerförbundet SSR

    Computer Sweden Security Day 2016

    Lecture: Creating the unsecure employee


    The Security Day is one of the largest information security events in Sweden. Marcus lectured about the mistakes we make in the security industry.

    The post-event evaluation revealed that Marcus scored the highest out of all the speakers (4.58 on a scale of five), 103 people responded to the evaluation.

    "Social Media in the Workplace"

    Workshop, 2 hours

    "The approach to social media in the workplace affects a lot of people. Marcus' excellent way of leading us forward in this important issue didn't just answer our questions - it not only gave straightened question marks, it gave us the tools to actually take a stance on the matter."​

    Håkan Johansson, Executive Director Arbetsgivarringen Skaraborg

    "Lecture on Security Awareness/Social Engineering"

    Lecture, 2 hours

    "Interesting, thought-provoking and definitely entertaining!

    Marcus knows the art of finding new point of views on a highly topical subject.”

    Roland Berg, Arkitekt infrastruktur och IT-säkerhet

    Alecta pensionsförsäkring, agrees

    Lecture about Social Engineering

    Lecture, 2 hours

    "Marcus is a committed lecturer who successfully creates great interest and interest in Social Engineering and Information Security. Marcus is able to explain complex concepts to a wide audience in a fun way."

    Kristofer Karlström

    Consultant in Cyber Security, Combitech

    Lecture: How safe is our information society? Can we protect ourselves?

    2 hours, including Q&A and a short break.

    "For a wide audience of government officials Marcus talks in an engaging and accessible way, and with a great sense of humor, about a serious subject.
    Time flies, and when the lecture is over, the audience left the hall full of new ideas and topics to include and highlight in their future work."​

    Krister Lankinen, Security coordinator, Borås Municipality, Sweden.

    Photo by Ulrika Roos.

    Lecture about Information Security

    Lecture: How safe is our information society? Can we protect ourselves?

    2 hours, including Q&A and a short break.

    "Marcus had a very thought-provoking lecture. He is a very personal and dedicated lecturer. His lectures contain humor, but also seriousness. The entire work group got a real eye-opener about how easy it is to hijack computers, and even identities. Anyone can do it. He tied everything together in the end by giving us advice on how we can protect ourselves. Very good speaker!"

    Ann-Louise Hult, Manager Contact Centre, Skövde municipality

    The Popular Science Café, University of Skövde​

    Lecture: How safe is our information society? Can we protect ourselves?

    2 hours, including Q&A and a short break.

    "The popular science cafés are organized once a month by The University of Skövde, Folkuniversitetet and Skaraborgs Senioruniversitet. It's a meeting place for everyone who is curious about the research involved and how research can help. The speakers come from both our own university and the entire Swedish field of academia. Asking Marcus to speak about the risks and threats of our digital information society proved to be a great choice. You won't find a more committed and knowledgeable lecturer. The auditorium had many eye-openers and most people were surely frightened when Marcus told them about how easy it is to reveal our passwords, or about how anyone at any time can hijack both our computers and our identities. But we also got some great advice on how to protect ourselves!"

    Eric Hellgren, Communicator, Högskolan i Skövde

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